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At OSC, we strive to provide individualized support for each student within our community. Our dynamic team of professionals work closely together, alongside our classroom teachers, to design and deliver effective support programs for every child. Our focus is to build on student’s strengths to help develop their confidence and self-advocacy. 

Learning Support (K-12)

The Learning Support Program ensures that the needs of all students in the school are being met using a three-tiered model of support addressing universal, targeted and intensive supports for students and teachers. Our team also employs a strong focus on systems (what we do to support teachers), practices (what we do to support students), and data (to inform our decision making). If not identified during the admissions process, students are referred to the Student Study Team, which meets weekly to discuss academic concerns of individual students. The initial steps will include record review and teacher / student / parent input. A student may then be recommended for additional support or further internal/external assessments. If through this process it is determined that a student requires specific interventions or classroom accommodations to support their academic success, the appropriate type of support plan is created in collaboration with teachers, parents, and the student. The support plans are closely monitored by the LS teacher and continuously reviewed to ensure the student’s needs are being met.

Heather Lee

Head of Learning Support

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