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The IB Diploma Programme

Since 1983, we have continuously offered the two-year IB Diploma Program at OSC to Grade 11 and 12 students. All students at our school are enrolled as IB Courses candidates with almost all students opting to take the full IB Diploma. Students who complete the IB Diploma will have studied 6 subjects, with three of these at Higher Level, earning a minimum of 24 IB Diploma points. In addition, students must meet the IB criteria in the following core components of the program:


  • Extended Essay (EE): A 4000-word independent research essay that helps develop research skills, academic essay-writing and time-management skills.
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK): This course promotes critical thinking and enquiry skills, connecting knowledge developed in the six subject groups.
  • Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS): Encourages a balanced approach to extra-curricular activities beyond OSC’s taught curriculum.

OSC believes that there are many paths to success and that each student should be supported in the path that best nourishes their growth and development as curious, compassionate, and courageous members of the global community. As such, entry to our Diploma Programme is inclusive and non-selective: any student who wishes to take on the challenges of the Diploma Programme is supported to do so. This approach allows us to shift the focus away from emphasis on the numbers and marks received in the programme to a more important consideration of the student experience of learning. Furthermore, a student who does not pursue the Diploma but who achieves success in our DP courses and meets the requirements of the OSC Diploma (which is credentialed in the USA by MSA) is celebrated equally. OSC also offers a thorough college counselling program for all students, providing guidance and support in choosing a suitable path for their higher and tertiary studies.

Philip Leigh

DP Coordinator 

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