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Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) Program

The BYOL program is a critical part of the secondary educational program at OSC. Between MYP 1 (Grade 6) and DP 2 (Grade 12) students will use their technology devices for virtually every class on a regular basis. Students are required to bring a laptop to every class daily unless otherwise instructed by their teacher.
The goal of the technology program within the secondary is to help give students have an expert or mastery level of many different applications, databases, and online tools that can help students research and create reports and dynamic presentations. This knowledge will help better prepare students for college-level studies to compete against other students as well as in the workforce.

Software and Maintenance

OSC has several certified computer technicians in Apple and Windows-based products that are on-site to help assist students with the majority of technology-related issues. Some of the more common services that the OSC staff will assist on includes: software installation, network setup, virus/malware removal, computer cleaning, and hardware diagnosis. Due to warranty conditions, the OSC technicians will not perform a physical hardware repair of any laptops (example: broken screen).
In addition to diagnostic services, the OSC technology department will frequently purchase site licenses or class application software. This includes access to online databases, cloud-based applications, and local computer programs. All students will receive these applications as part of their tuition and certain applications are required in order to use a laptop at school.

Purchasing a Laptop for Secondary Students

The decision process behind what and where to purchase a laptop is an important one for all incoming students for the secondary program. OSC a minimum laptop specifications that includes recommendations for our students to help purchase a laptop that will work correctly on the school network as well as maximize the in-class BYOL experience for students. Parents should be aware that only laptops are approved for the BYOL program due to the limitations that other devices may have (iPads, Chromebooks, Mobile Devices) and the type of dynamic lessons that teachers create that require a laptop.
Students are more than welcome to purchase a major laptop brand from another country; however, parents are cautioned to research the warranty and hardware replacement procedures for a laptop that is purchased overseas. There is an expectation that if a student has a hardware malfunction and requires part replacement that any laptop purchased for the BYOL program can be serviced locally within Sri Lanka within a few business working days. Please be aware that parents are responsible for arranging a temporary laptop that meets the minimum laptop specifications if a laptop repair is going to take a lengthy amount of time to repair.

Laptop requirements for OSC secondary students

Tech Use Policy