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Service at OSC ‘Together we’re making a difference

OSC is committed to the values of inter-cultural understanding and empathy and these are developed through our experience in service learning. Service Learning is part of the IB curriculum and part of the culture at OSC. Service is a requirement at all grade levels where students recognize specific needs within the community, work with members of this community to plan appropriate responses to those needs, and act ethically to meet them. At OSC the curriculum provides ideas, opportunities and the context for students to initiate service as action independently.  The school provides a protected time for students to focus solely on service. 

All students in the MYP and DP are expected to participate in projects organized by the school, or to participate in service outside school. In the MYP years 1-5, students are required to serve for one semester, while in the DP the commitment is year-long. We believe that student leadership is vital to initiate and plan each service project, regardless of student age, so opportunities for leadership are offered throughout.

In the PYP students are involved with a choice on which of the15 OSC Service groups they support.  This is done through the PSGA ambassador program where they act as representatives for their classes. It's also achieved through the 'action' piece where students decide how they are going to implement their learning which usually involves supporting one of the OSC service groups.

Service to the Community and Environment