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The OSC Gecko Athletics Program

The Gecko Athletics Program at OSC is linked closely with the OSC vision and mission. We encourage all of our student-athletes to explore different sporting opportunities and to find enjoyment in sports in general as part of their holistic development as well-rounded and responsible learners.

Gecko Athletes should endeavor to develop their fitness, skills, technique, sportsmanship, and understanding of concepts in a variety of activities, and to understand that these can be used in, and transferred across sporting situations. This, we hope, enables them to discover their gifts and explore and extend their talents, striving for excellence in all that they do. 

We provide our student-athletes with opportunities to come together with like-minded student-athletes in Sri Lanka and within the South Asia region and become role models for our younger students.

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The OSC Physical Health Education (PHE)

At OSC, the mission of the Physical & Health  Education Department is to provide a safe and challenging environment for all students to grow as lifelong movers.
Students are encouraged to develop a love for movement and an understanding of its importance for their long-term physical, social and emotional well-being.

PHE Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore different ways of moving and find at least one way that students can continue as a long-term interest outside the classroom.
  2. Apply the principles of health and well-being and be confident in using them to lead a more active lifestyle.
  3. Develop a conceptual understanding of different activities to become a more informed confident participant,  player, team member, coach, or spectator.


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