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The Overseas School of Colombo is a multi-culturally diverse school with a curriculum that’s all-encompassing and globally renowned. It has always been a bedrock of our school to be more than just an education facility, to be a versatile and eclectic sanctuary that encourages rigorous development and kindles well-rounded academic and extra curricula endeavors via service-learning and inclusive projects that hone and shape all our incumbents and attendees into prolific, exceptional beings; better versions of themselves.

OSC asserts stringent opportunities for personal development, professional growth and universal progress. Because we wholly believe beyond qualm or doubt that critical thinking, complex problem solving, personalized approaches are mandatory for us as individuals and a collective whole to contribute relentlessly to our pursuits. Whether as educators or learners at OSC we are dedicated to providing a sophisticated and varied ecosystem that brings out the best versions of each of our selves; a place that reflects our inherent values, manifests our mission, embodies our vision and benchmarks excellence along your illustrious journey in your respective tenure at OSC.

When you join OSC you become a part of our expansive family, someone we value inimitably – so that our motto “Unity in Diversity” will ring and echo true at every turn and trajectory in life.


For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.


Our students are inspired to perform inside and beyond the classrooms. In fact, we encourage students to embrace diversity of culture, emboldened with exceptional values and nurture worldviews with open mindedness. Gone are the eons where students are a narrow construct forged solely in academic excellence alone, but today it is an era where students seek a multi-faceted and holistic learning experience. Students are the life blood of our alma mater and as such we offer students a curriculum which is rich in eclectic academic learning, extra curriculars, activities and programs to enhance integral talents and valuable skillsets.

At OSC we inspire all our students to work to become nuanced, balanced learners, who value critical thinking, to be risk takers who grasp accountability and ownership of responsibility. We foster learning so students will be caring, principled individuals, to be dutifully virtuous in realizing the importance of community service, protecting our planet, appreciating community spirit and striving to build a sustainable society for future generations.

We welcome your child to join our OSC family of learners; to become a force to be reckoned with, an impactful, diligent youngster who will share in our values, vision and mission to ensure “Unity in Diversity” in all aspects of your life from the classroom to the playground, from the theatre stage to the world at large, from the peripheries of community to the comfort of your home.


Human Capital


It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.


In order for us to facilitate a holistic, transformative, personalized education it is vital that OSC employs a human capital network which is committed to manifest our vision, whist sharing in our mission to provide programs and activities that permeate excellence at all times.

Our organizational structure is conceived to avail the stakeholders of our educational enterprise with value. From the most qualified primary and secondary educators who are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum, our administrative and academic support staff who are driven to assure all operational processes and functions are on point and ascertain the ebb and flow of the school runs smoothly, to our facilities and maintenance work force who are responsible in keeping the infrastructure and fixed assets of the campus in pristine working order, to the security and transport entities ensuring safety and secure passage and occupancy at OSC, to the top brass, divisional and operational heads and school board who are relentless and passionate in upholding, nurturing and preserving the highest standards of learning, developing analytical and independent thinking and offering value to our learners, parents, integrated partners and stakeholders.

If you possess the attributes and qualities of seasoned excellence and irrefutable skill, share the same fiery passion and unprecedented sense of purpose in joining a progressive, world recognized school with an ethos of diversity - we welcome you to the OSC family.

A place to truly begin your journey. A place to fulfil your dreams and become something larger than life. To break boundaries and transcend conventions.

To become something more.