The Community Service Project


As the future leaders of the 21st century, each year, participants of the Colombo Model United Nations Conference work on a Community Service project as a means to support the rural communities in Sri Lanka. Understanding the importance of education in the development of society, the Community Service Project usually revolves around donating school supplies to students in rural communities in order to support

During this year's conference, we will be participating in the Foundation of Goodness' "Essential School Supplies" program. Donations will be collected school bags containing a few essential school supplies at room M22 at The Overseas School of Colombo. These bags will be eventually handed out to impoverished young students through the Foundation of Goodness. The winner of this year's community service award will be the school that donated the highest number of supply bags per student (Number of Bags/Number of students in school). The final day to submit donations will be the 3rd Practice Debate(16.02.2019). The items that have to be included in each bag are as follows:

  • - 7 Exercise Books
  • - 4 CR Books
  • - 1 Blank Drawing Book
  • - Colored Felt Tip Pens
  • - 1 Box of Crayons
  • - 1 Box of 12 Colored Pencils
  • - 1 Eraser
  • - 1 Ruler
  • - 2 Pencils
  • - 3 Pens(Blue, Black and Red)
  • - 1 Pencil Case
  • - 1 Lunch Box + Water Bottle

The Foundation of Goodness is a Non-Profit Organization registered in both Sri Lanka and the USA. The Foundation of Goodness is preparing to deliver school supplies to rural impoverished kids ahead of the next school year through the project known as "The Essential School Supplies Program." As one of their oldest and most long-running programmes, this Essential School Supplies Programme has helped us ease the burden from thousands of parents and give countless hopeful little children to start their school year with a smile on their face, joy in their hearts and a complete set of school items in their bag.