International Press - COMUN XXVI

International Press

The International Press Committee (IPC) is an independent body comprised of delegate journalists. Being part of the Department of Public Information, the IPC is pivotal in circulating information around the United Nations. In a world where integrity of information is paramount, the IPC is the foremost demonstrator of the influence of press in an interconnected world.

Likewise, the purpose of IPC in COMUN XXVI is to provide a holistic report of individual committee agendas. Interviewing delegates and the Head Table are some of the conventional means of gathering information for the final report. As such, in embodying truthseekers, journalists are advised to push the envelope of accumulating details on their report subject. To this end, each Journalist will voice their analysis, in harmony with their corporation’s perspective, on a topic they determined the most engaging.

Additionally, Journalists have the privilege of managing the COMUN’s social media platforms. Apart from compiling a comprehensive report, IPC stands for enthusing delegates and aiding all members of the United Nations in their respective fields. Thus, the social media feed content will be managed by the IPC Journalists as a team (as part of journalism involves collaboration), and overseen by the Heads of IPC.

In the essence of discovery and political exposé, the IPC will be conducting an IP-Mystery. Fundamentally, this aspect of IPC tests a Journalist’s resolve in solving global conspiracies. However, the mystery will be conducted during conference, gifting Journalists an immersive experience into the realm of political communication.

The IP Team


Aksaaya Godamunne


Anargi Jayakody


Anoush Ralapanwe