International Court of Justice - COMUN XXVI

Historical General Assembly 1

Established in 1945 under the UN Charter, the First Committee of the general assembly deals with disarmament and security issues. It seeks to provide solutions under the general principles of peaceful cooperation in the maintenance of international peace and security. It works in cooperation with United Nations Disarmament Commission and the Geneva based disarmament commission. The GA1 is also the only sub organ of GA entitled to verbatim records. The resolutions passed by the general assembly 1 are not legally binding however this does not mean they are ineffective. The resolutions passed by GA1 carries the opinion of a majority of United Nations member states, meaning that all nations show consideration towards GA1 resolutions.

The Uniting for Peace resolution gives the general assembly the power to consider any matter that has failed to be solved by the Security Council due to a veto or as put more broadly by the resolution itself “Lack of unanimity of permanent member states”. The UNGA may make recommendations to the UNSC or Authorize armed force if necessary. This has provided an avenue for the international community to bypass UNSC gridlocks. The resolution has been implemented a total of 12 times (Counting Korea - 1951)

PD 1

24TH January 1946 - Addressing the Issues raised by the discovery of Atomic Energy

PD 2

7th June 1967 - Analyzing the Arab-Israeli Conflict with Special Focus on the Impact of Zionism and Arab Nationalism on the Issue

PD 3

10th December 1971 - Deliberating the Ongoing Indo-Pakistan War with Emphasis on the Situation in East Pakistan



Atheek Azmi



Sansindu Abeysuriya



Sanjana Kumari


Conference Topic

1st of March 1990 - “Discussing the situation in the USSR”