Economic and Social Council - COMUN XXVI

Economic and Social Council

Being at the heart of the United Nations, the Economic and Social Council takes the wheel in ensuring economic, social, cultural and health matters as well as human rights and fundamental freedoms in many parts of the globe. As the principal body of the UN, ECOSOC, through its meetings is taking the leap forwards of the global goal of Sustainable Development Goal 2030. In respect to the GA Resolution 61/16, the ECOSOC holds firm the mandate to coordinate the activities of UN system and its specialized agencies; supervise the subsidiary bodies in the economic, social, environmental and related fields; provide overall guidance and coordination to UN development system; promote a coordinated follow-up to the outcomes of major international conferences and summits in economic, social, and environmental and related fields (UN General Assembly, 2007). In its work, the ECOSOC holds to the principles of inclusiveness, effectiveness and transparency to generate a neutral working program.

PD 1

The situation in Europe, with special emphasis on Brexit

PD 2

The situation in Asia, with special emphasis on the deterioration of democracy

PD 3

The situation in Latin America, with special emphasis on migration caused by corrupt governance, and the spillover impact on the region



Randesh Wickrama


Maleeka Hassan

Conference Topic

The Situation in Africa, With Special Emphasis on the Belt and Road Initiative