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We opened our doors in 1957 with 25 students; today our student body consists of 393 for the 2020/21 academic year. OSC is home to the most diverse student and teaching faculty in our host country, Sri Lanka. Our student body comprises over 40+ different nationalities. As a community, we believe in holistic education and aspire to achieve academic excellence. We prioritise the well-being of our own community as well as that of the communities and environments we interact with and impact.
The largest percentage of students are American (22%), followed by Sri Lankan (17%), British (9%), Australian (7%), and Indian (7%). The majority of our families come from diplomatic missions, United Nations (UN) organisations, and NGOs, while the remaining families have joined us from the corporate and private sectors. Our average annual turnover of students is 25% due to families being transferred to other posts abroad.
Many of our students continue to gain admission to respected universities in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe, among other countries of their choice. At OSC, we provide our students with a variety of educational experiences both within and outside the classroom. Although most co-curricular activities were disrupted during the academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to continue a majority of activities through virtual platforms.
Our students are imbued with values of the IB Learner Profile (refer to page 9) that transcends the School’s curriculum and permeates every aspect of the programme delivery throughout the school. In time, our students learn to develop a better understanding of these values and how they contribute to be a “global citizen”.


Our student body comprises over 40+ different nationalities. As a community, we believe in holistic education and aspire to achieve academic excellence


Hear From Our Students


Evan Cox

The Overseas School is my third school and the Best so far! I love the community because it is very diverse and kind. There are 40+ nationalities. School facilities are very impressive because there are many of them, like a massive field, basketball court, swimming pool, and a playground, etc. The teachers are very friendly and helpful, so going to school is enjoyable. Units of inquiry are very practical and a fun way of learning which is kind of new to me. I also enjoy fun days like the UN day, Sports day, and Avruudu day


Kailee Sophia Lundin

I really like OSC because of how kind everyone is and all the cool and fun things we do, like our Friday morning assemblies where we sing happy birthday to people and when we get to do all these fun units in our classrooms! And making fun stuff in VA. We do loads of fun stuff, basically every, single, WEEK! :D Plus like I said everyone's so nice, the teachers, librarians, nurses (that list can go on for ages) and that's why I just love OSC!


Peter Ha

I used to think that all of the people that are in a socially higher position than me are all strict and cold-hearted, such as teachers. After reading Twelfth Night, especially Sir Toby, I found it depends on the person, not the position. For example, most of the teachers in my previous schools were very strict and used the position "teacher" very forcefully on me by saying for example "I'm the teacher, you do what I tell you to do", so I thought most teachers would be like that, but when I recently came to OSC it was the other way around. Thankfully, they used the position of "teacher" to comfort me. They told me not to be afraid of asking questions or getting a wrong answer in class, and after studying here for 4 months my thoughts on teachers changed completely."



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