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School Community Network (SCN)

The School Community Network (SCN) is a group of parent volunteers whose main role is to support the school’s sense of community, cultivate a spirit of diversity, and promote a feeling of belonging for all families in alignment with the mission and vision of the school. We aim to provide the OSC Community with fun, family-friendly activities as we celebrate traditions, languages, and multiculturalism. Our primary focus, however, is supporting parents and guardians as an OSC family. Support for SCN activities directly comes from parent/guardian volunteers, and financially from donations by sponsors and revenue from our events.

What does SCN do?
  • We support strong communication to promote an atmosphere of goodwill, cooperation, and community spirit to further endorse the OSC mission and vision
  • We assist with the integration of the new parents into the OSC community
  • We encourage active participation from parents in events organised by SCN
  • We provide support to the Student Government Association
  • We motivate and guide both Primary and Secondary Class Reps to share important class-level and school-level information, and organise events/activities that will promote cohesiveness within the grade.
  • We work hard to establish a healthy sense of belonging for all families in our community


As a school striving for parent engagement, we lead with our ears - listening to what parents think, dream, and worry about


Join the SCN

We are always looking for support and creative ideas! If you would like to volunteer or suggest some ideas and thoughts please get in touch by email:

Please join the OSC School Community Network Facebook page under

Please join the NEW PARENT WHATSAPP group

or send us your contact details to