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At OSC, the relationship between parents and the School is a strong partnership. Parents are on campus everyday making meaningful contributions. There are class parents, parents who listen to children read, parents as chaperones on field trips, and a very active School Community Network (SCN). Our annual Food and Fun Fair, Blue Gecko Cafe and United Nations Day celebration are all organised by our involved, supportive parent community.

At OSC, our parents are our partners and their feedback and engagement play an integral role in the achievements of our students and our school.
During the academic year, we had to switch between learning models and so did our parents. Their feedback was important when we made plans to return to school with Face-to-Face Learning and their support ensured the success of the Distance Learning Plan (DLP) and Hybrid Plan.

As a school striving for parent engagement, we lead with our hearts and heads - listening to what parents think, dream, and worry about.

We have a close relationship with our parents. However, the pandemic urged us to be even more sensitive to their needs.


Hear From Our Parents


Edwina and Mark Thompson

Edwina and Mark Thompson
Parents of Middle School and Primary School Students

Our two children have been students at OSC since 2018. We have had a wonderful experience before the COVID-19 pandemic and during. The school has offered a great amount of support to both kids and parents during difficult times and are currently welcoming them back. We look forward to the school being fully open and the vibrant community we have being able to connect and appreciate how diverse we are. Our children have thrived at OSC and will continue to do so.

Sriani Ameratunga

Sriani Ameratunga
Parent of Grade 6 and Grade 11 students from New Zealand

Thank you so much for your wonderful leadership during this unprecedented and long-drawn out pandemic crisis. The school has done a marvelous job in enabling the continuity of education despite all the challenges. I thank you and your whole faculty for the way they have stepped up and enabled quality learning. I feel like my two children are amongst the luckiest in the country for being in this school.

Sudath and Rushmi Perera

Sudath and Rushmi Perera
Parents of triplet girls in Grade 8 from Sri Lanka

We are truly happy to be part of the Overseas School of Colombo community. Our three daughters began their first schooling at the OSC playschool just over a decade ago, and we believe this is one of the best decisions we made regarding their future. Like all new parents, we wanted to provide the best possible education for our girls, and we were convinced that the IB system was the most appropriate learning approach. Once we had made this decision, the obvious choice was OSC. Today our three girls are in Grade 8 at school, and we can say without hesitation that they have a deep love and respect for their school. It has proven to be a great place for learning and growing. The girls have had many teachers and support teachers over the years, and whilst each teacher is different in their individuality, they have all demonstrated great teaching skills, and won the girls’ trust through their friendliness, approachability, and patience. The last two years through the pandemic has been very challenging for all of us. Yet, with a well-structured Distance Learning Program, we were greatly relieved to continue to see our children learn and grow in trying and uncertain circumstances. All this is a reflection of the direction provided by the school leadership along with the high level of capability and experience in the faculty. As a family, we have all come to love being part of the OSC community. Apart from the satisfaction we get in seeing our daughters thrive in the school environment, as parents we have also enjoyed the wonderful feeling of community OSC provides for all its members through its many programs. At OSC, parents and students alike make great friendships and memories which we believe will stand the test of time!


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