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Our teachers play an invaluable role in our community. As educators they do not limit themselves to covering syllabi alone but also enable the overall development of students. OSC teachers hail from all parts of the world and have undergone a stringent recruitment process before joining the school. They guide students for six to eight hours a day, five days a week. The skill and care they possess help us work towards our vision of providing a holistic education that contributes towards the development of internationally minded persons.


Our teachers do not limit themselves to covering syllabi alone but also enable the overall development of students


Hear From Our Teachers


Sue Turner

 Sue Turner
 Primary PE and Swimming Teacher

This is my tenth year working at OSC. I can honestly say that it is an amazing place to work, and for our children to be educated. OSC has a caring ethos that helps everyone feel comfortable, valued, and at home. It is a wonderful family community, which is very welcoming. New students settle in quickly as current students accept them and help them to feel part of the community as soon as they arrive. The signature DLP has shown just how amazing OSC is and what a committed and motivated teaching staff we have. Online lessons are fun and engaging and students are able to work together and form relationships even during a lockdown. OSC has an intrinsic sense of kindness, a positive school spirit and strong sense of community. Our international diversity enhances the school environment and there is a mutual respect between students, teachers, and all community members. 

Dilini De Silva

Dilini De Silva
Primary School Sinhala Teacher

Hi, I’m Dilini. I have been with OSC for 7 years as a specialist teacher. I’m fortunate and proud to be a part of this truly amazing community. The experience includes highly professional faculty, opportunities for professional development, and treating every member with dignity and warmth. I have experienced and witnessed the uniqueness, innovation, and flexibility in education. OSC has the finest curriculum with world-class standards in education while shaping young children in a warm and welcoming environment. OSC is the best place to work without a doubt.

Liz Harrison

Liz Harrison
Head of Secondary Science - IB Biology

OSC is a great little school with really caring and considerate administrators who value family and well-being as well as encouraging an atmosphere of striving to learn and improve. The students have produced some amazing and thoughtful work, under challenging circumstances, and they also take the time to connect in online spaces. One of my homeroom students likes to chat about their ongoing independent science projects at home, and another biology student took the time to say after class that they were really looking forward to the next lesson on manipulating data more effectively. It’s a quirky and rewarding place to be.

Darren Harp

Darren Harp
PE Teacher - Secondary

OSC has a great leadership team, dedicated teaching staff and    amazing students. This has been especially evident as we have been navigating our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. This hasn’t been an easy time for anyone, but our Director and our Principals have handled every step admirably. As teachers we are taken care of and encouraged. Our students remain positive and resilient throughout the time we’ve spent teaching online. This is a wonderful community to be a part of.

Based on enrolments 393
Teacher          :          Students
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Our teachers are also encouraged to develop their competencies by undertaking formal courses and taking part in our training programmes. We have designed tailor-made training programmes under our Continuous Professional Development, to cater to the training needs of our teachers.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted certain training programmes that required physical participation, our teachers attended virtual programmes that covered a variety of subject areas and skills.

MYP and DP

A number of Secondary School teachers were keen to undergo training in a range of subject areas. This year, online training programmes helped teachers adapt to new teaching methods and were given insights on how to maximise their students’ creative potential through the power that technology can bring to the classroom. As we continue to contend with the pandemic, this training is proving to be very useful.
Teachers also gained training on continuing theatre and music practices through virtual platforms. The programmes equipped teachers with activities and methods to ensure continued interactivity and creativity through co-curricular activities such as Drama and Music.

Gender Distribution of Teaching Faculty


Nationalities of Teaching Faculty