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Hundreds of students have gone through our doors and are now a large group of valued alumni all around the world – the true guardians of OSC’s heritage! The OSC Alumni Association is a place to reconnect, to re-establish past friendships and make new ones. It is a place where we can show our pride towards our past students and their personal and professional achievements and allow our current students to build new connections and develop mentorships with those we know had a well-rounded experience and education at OSC. 

We welcome you back to our school family and invite you to share your experiences with current and future students. With your continuing involvement as alumni, we look to the future with the goal of honouring our history and continuing to attract the best faculty and students. Thank you for being an important part of our success for these 66 years!

“Once a Gecko - always a Gecko! That is how we feel about all of our students, families and teachers whether they were with us for one year, or for many years. While you were with us, you contributed to OSC in meaningful ways and have enriched our community. We are proud of you and we invite you to be present in our school again, and in the lives of our students through our OSC Alumni Association. Our Mission, Vision and IB Learner Profile live on in you, and OSC will always be a place that you can call home, from anywhere in the world, and at any age.”

- Dr. Michelle Kleiss
  Head of School