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We would like to warmly welcome you to OSC!

We are fully committed to our mission and vision, preparing students for success, while nurturing all learners toward international and intercultural understanding. As an IB World School, OSC develops the whole child as a responsible learner, striving for personal excellence within a culturally diverse environment.

OSC is dual accredited, IB authorised, and mission driven. We operate at the highest standards ensuring that all students are at the centre of our decision-making. Starting from our Early Years and PYP Programmes and moving into the Middle and High School IB Diploma Programmes, we are steadfast in our vision to build independent, caring, and responsible world citizens who integrate perspectives, think critically, and are unwavering in contributing at both local and global levels.

OSC students are inspired learners. Together, using everyone’s strengths and passions, a personalised education is built. Upon graduation, our students matriculate to universities of their choice all over the world. The IB Diploma, widely acknowledged as the best preparation for post-secondary success, is highly recognised worldwide and provides the widest reach to all university systems across the globe. OSC teachers are exceptional. We achieve our educational aims by attracting highly experienced, qualified, and enthusiastic teachers from all over the world.

OSC parents are our partners. OSC families hail from more than 40 countries imparting our motto “Unity in Diversity.” With so many diverse backgrounds, values, and beliefs, we work hard at connecting and developing a sense of belonging for all families. We view the genuine parent-school partnership as mission critical in encouraging all students to be healthy, well, and engaged in life-long learning pursuits. 

The OSC experience is unique. We look forward to having you as a member of our learning community. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of standing together, building resilience, and being innovative in the face of change. Our motto serves as a guiding light during these times and has helped us harness the diverse strengths of our community to propel our vision for the School."Dr. Michelle Kleiss