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The spaces we have created for learning, engaging in co-curricular activities, and leisure meet international school standards. While most of our community spent the better half of the year on the Distance Learning Plan (DLP), we took the opportunity to create some new social and outdoor educational spaces and refurbished our facilities. We also made every effort to maintain all other spaces and amenities throughout the year.

During the year, we created some new social and outdoor educational spaces and refurbished our facilities.

  • Purpose-built five acre self-contained green campus
  • Six main buildings fully air-conditioned
  • 48 general classrooms
  • Four newly renovated state-of-the-art science labs
  • Three design labs
  • Specialist rooms for art, drama and music
  • IT labs
  • Two libraries with over 25,000 volumes and computer facilities
  • Counselling office


  • Auditorium and Black Box studio theatre
  • Cafeteria
  • Gymnasium-rock-climbing wall, basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, a movement room and cardio/weight room
  • 25-metre swimming pool
  • Professional level outdoor basketball court
  • Spacious, grass football field
  • Covered Primary School playground (sunshade)
  • COVID-19 safety measures
  • New Gecko Coffee Shop
  • Sitting areas around the basketball court

Projects Undertaken During Last Three Years

Renovation of the Secondary and Middle School science laboratories
  • New orientation to enhance teacher-student interaction
  • New equipment including a new fume cabinet
  • New air circulation system
  • Energy-saving air conditioning
  • Safety cut-outs for power and gas
Secondary School classrooms were upgraded
  • New furniture for better interaction
  • Adequate storage and lighting
Refurbishment of outdoor basketball court
  • New FIBA approved flooring
  • New backboard
  • Surroundings landscaped and enhanced seating provided


  • Preschool classrooms modified and new lavatories fitted
  • Air purifiers with HEPA filters installed in every classroom
  • Renovation of changing rooms in the gymnasium
  • Renovation of Secondary School Design Room
  • Renovation of Gecko Coffee Shop
  • Renovation of staffroom