The United nations assembly on drugs and crime was based upon the UNODC but to increase representation we are simulating it as an assembly. Delegates of the UNADC are expected to act as guardians of the Palermo convention, which is the UN convention on transnational organised crime. Delegates are expected to understand the issues of money laundering, trafficking, extradition as well as the illicit production and distribution of narcotics in a plethora of fields including economics, legality, humanitarianism and security. An ideal delegate of the UNADC must be able to provide a multitude of feasible real world solutions to these issues, cooperate and compromise with other delegated to achieve solutions utilising all possible resources without compromising international law or violating the sovereignty of any nation and the delegate should be able to communicate these solutions clearly and convincingly. A solution within the UNODC will mean the creation of new legal framework to tackle the previously mentioned problems, and new policy to reinforce old framework. Delegates will be expected to read their study guides as within them all necessary information for this assembly is available.


PD 1

  Mitigating the threat of corruption and the issue of transparency in the developing world.



PD 2

 Discussing the issue of illicit trafficking/misuse of firearms and its threat to global security.



PD 3

Discussing the reformation of criminal justice systems in a view of reducing the risk of recidivism



'Redefinir Antinarcóticos': Investigating the reinforcement of organized crime, illicit financial flows, corruption and insurgency due to illicit drug trade