The fourth general assembly carries forth a broad Mandate which makes it a complex and pertinent organ to the UN: ranging from humanitarian assistance to celestial regulation, further covering subject areas such as crisis management, neocolonialism and international law, this committee advances the parameters of logic and reasoning. Pushing its boundaries beyond the Earth itself, in here, knowledge is the key; application is the opening of the doors to success in the fourth committee.

PD 1

  Reviewing the advancements on sustainable use of outer space and in retrospect understanding the requirement for a thematic procedure in subsequent international policy making


PD 2

 Discussing the question of the public information policy of the UN and global partnership in availability and accessibility of information


PD 3

Reassessing the question of statehood with autonomous regions (i.e. Abkhazia and South Ossetia) and the position of the UN in decolonization of non-self governing territories



Discussing the neo global UN peacekeeping agenda with special emphasis on peacekeeping operations and the functioning of peacekeeping forces