GA3 at COMUN 2018 is a very important and prestigious committee. Even though it has been oriented towards novice delegates to give them a great first experience of COMUN, we are still aiming to engage in very formal, well structured and intricate debate through experienced delegates over the extremely large scope of the topics we have provided for all the delegates who will be participating in what could possibly become the best GA3 ever seen at a COMUN.


General Assembly 3’s mandate allows it to cover a wide range of topics related to almost all humanitarian aspects that could be discussed. We, as the social, humanitarian and cultural committee are dedicated to improving the lives of the billions of people who live in this world. Topics of current importance such as poverty, sexual abuse, drastically changing and extreme weather patterns caused by climate change, ethnic cleansing, genocide and much more are discussed so feasible solutions can come up.


We are the committee expected to produce resolutions that focus on immediate change and that accurately identify problems and give efficient, viable, and innovative solutions to the problems faced in today’s world to reduce prospects of future catastrophe


PD 1

  Discussing the rise of right wing nationalism and its humanitarian implications


PD 2

 Discussing the increasing issue of sexual violence, rape culture and gender based violence and its possible solutions


PD 3

Addressing the humanitarian repercussions caused by climate change with special emphasis of the displacement of people due to climate change



Protecting the human rights of the Rohingyas with special regards to ethnic cleansing, displacement and legal status