Presidential Cabinet - COMUN XXV

Presidential Cabinet

The G20 (Group of 20) is an international forum created in December 1999 in response to a host of critical global economic issues - namely, the depreciation of key global currencies, economic recessions in the Asian Tiger economies and burgeoning unemployment. The COMUN G20 Summit finds itself in a similar context where the prosperity of an increasingly globalized world economy is at stake. Hence, delegates and representatives of the G20 take on the burden of drafting a Joint Declaration to address the pressing economic issues at hand.

G20 representatives are expected to place a greater emphasis on skills like diplomacy and negotiation than in most other committees. This is because G20 procedure includes the drafting of contracts and agreements which are done outside formal session. In addition, delegates are expected to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge that isn't restricted to purely economics. The mandate of the G20 is such that representatives have the freedom to take debate into the realms of international law, social issues and security, to name a few. Hence, the head table has intentionally made the topics broad to allow for discussion outside the scope of most specialized economics committees.

PD 1

China: The Climate Strategy

PD 2

Indonesia: Reintegrating the Mentally Ill into Society

PD 3

USA: The Immigration Policy



Prisha Satwani



Oshea Reddy


Conference Topic

Globalization and Trade