COMUN 2017
The Next Generation: Combating Bellicose Rhetoric

The Colombo Model United Nations, the oldest UN simulation in Sri Lanka, is the fifth largest student run MUN conference in the world. Encompassing simulations of the UN General Assembly and selected UN specialized committees, the conference has provided an unparalleled platform of debate and leadership for thousands of students from across Sri Lanka and beyond for nearly a quarter of a century.

The 23rd Conference of the Colombo Model United Nations will be held from the 3rd -5th of March, 2017. It is a conference open to youth participants from all around the world. The organization of this event is handled by a select group of able students from a range of schools, highlighting the diversity of COMUN; the 5th largest student-run Model United Nations in the world.


All practice debates will be held at The Overseas School of Colombo

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In1994,, Sri Lanka joined the rapidly growing number of countries with an MUN program, with the creation of the Colombo Model United Nations program. This was the brainchild of Sandra Fernando, teaching at The Overseas School of Colombo. The first COMUN conference had four participating schools including OSC.  Since then, the conference has grown in leaps and bounds. In 2016, the twenty-second COMUN conference was held with over 500 students from schools in Sri Lanka and South East Asia.


This academic year COMUN, in its twenty-third session, will have atleast 500  students from 30 schools, both national and international, participating in a conference that will be the largest by far.